12th Sport-Scholarships Men's Soccer Showcase in Moenchengladbach, Germany

12th Sport-Scholarships Men’s Soccer Showcase on Dec 21-22, 2019

Our most recent showcase was the first one that we held in December. It was part of a 7-Showcases-Series that we organised through the INTERNATIONAL ALLIANCE. Coaches were able to attend individual or all events during a span of two weeks. AGM started in early December, FFUSA, CSUSA, College Life Italia, Next Level, King’s Talent and us followed. Our Dutch partners held their event on Friday, only about one hour event from our venue. Many coaches took the opportunity to fly into Duesseldorf (25min from the pitch), go to Holland on Friday and take a shuttle to Moenchengladbach on Friday night to see our showcase on Saturday and Sunday.

60 players from the strongest men’s and boys‘ leagues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland participated in the showcase. We had several games on Saturday plus more games, a GK training session and the talks with players and their families on Sunday. It was a good opportunity to gte to know each other personally and we saw many commitments in the weeks after. 

On Saturday night, we watched a Bundesliga game in a sports bar and went for a fabulous dinner in a brewery afterwards. I’m sure that all participants of this evening will remember it for a long time, it was great fun!

We’re currently planning to hold the showcase again on the last weekend of December, in the same area, but will let you know as soon as we’ve set the final dates together with our partners.   

- "It is my belief that your company is the premier organization currently working to place players. Your staff is well trained and do a tremendous job setting the pathway for your clients."
- "This was my first experience at your Showcase and I came away very impressed."
- "I attended a showcase in England, it was pretty bad, the coaches there told me that I’ve to go to you guys for the best showcase in Europe."
- “Thanks for everything this past weekend. You guys put on a first class showcase.”
- “Just spoke with my assistant and he's making me jealous that I wasn't there as he said it was top notch!”
- “I wanted to thank you guys again for everything during the trip and showcase last weekend.  I came away very impressed and hope it was a successful event for both of you as well. “
- “I hope that you are doing well. I would like to thank you for your help this past weekend. I had a great experience and it was great getting to know you.”
- “Thanks again for putting the showcase together. For the 4th time in a row it was very well organized and the overall quality of the participating players was good.”
- “Thanks for a great weekend. It was good to meet with you and productive to see and talk with a number of quality players.”
- “Thank you again for the very professional experience I had at your event in Germany. I look forward to staying in contact and please let me know if any kids come across your desk that you think could be a good fit.”
- “Thanks for everything again! Amazing event you put on.”