9th annual Sport-Scholarships Soccer Showcase 2017

Sport-Scholarships.com held its 9th annual soccer showcase at the National Training Center in Leipzig on February 10-11 this year. We chose the Sports School in Leipzig for the 5th time now, because it’s the one of two indoor facility with a full-size soccer field in Germany. In addition to that, we’re able to rent the complete dorm at the training center so that we could all stay there and easily walk from the rooms to the field.

This year, 35 US College coaches attended to watch 58 of our players participate in the event. All players were carefully chosen and pre-screened to ensure their eligibility and a good level of play at the showcase. As last year, the attending schools represented a good mix of NCAA I, II, III and NAIA program. Most coaches recruited several players from the event and had good talks with the prospects and their families afterwards. There were impact players for pretty much any level that participated.

As in the last years, the showcase consisted of an info session for students, parents, coaches and the Sport-Scholarships.com staff. In addition to this, we formed 3 teams that played each other on two days and we also organized a specific practice session for our goalkeepers. Most students played on both days, some came in for one day only.

As in the last years, we picked up most coaches from the airport or train station on Friday and dropped everyone off there again on Monday. Some men’s coaches watched the women’s showcase that we held (for the fourth time) on Friday already. The level was very good as well and they went back recommending several players to their women’s staff. After this, all coaches met for a buffet-style dinner next to the venue. A visit to a local brewery with excellent food helped everyone to get back to strength after the first games on Saturday evening. There was another round of games on Sunday and of course the talks of the coaches and players after the end of the event on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s some feedback that we received from coaches after the event in the last years:
- “Thanks for everything this past weekend. You guys put on a first class showcase.”
- “Just spoke with my assistant and he's making me jealous that I wasn't there as he said it was top notch!”
- “I wanted to thank you guys again for everything during the trip and showcase last weekend.  I came away very impressed and hope it was a successful event for both of you as well. “
- “I hope that you are doing well. I would like to thank you for your help this past weekend. I had a great experience and it was great getting to know you.”
- “Thanks again for putting the showcase together. For the 4th time in a row it was very well organized and the overall quality of the participating players was good.”
- “Thanks for a great weekend in Leipzig. It was good to meet with you and productive to see and talk with a number of quality players.”
- “Thank you again for the very professional experience I had at your event in Germany. I look forward to staying in contact and please let me know if any kids come across your desk that you think could be a good fit.”
- “Thanks for everything again! Amazing event you put on.”

Please find the match footage from the showcase below. Just click on the windows to watch them. You can also enlarge them to full screen. Please email us to receive the team rosters. You can also let us know what kind of players you’re looking for and we’ll make recommendations.

We’re looking forward to seeing you (again) in 2018!


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Team Roster

Please contact us for the roster sheet: pliedgens@sport-scholarships.com or shaensel@sport-scholarships.com

(GK Session)

(Match I: Green vs. Yellow)

(Match II: Yellow vs. White)

(Match III: White vs. Green)

(Match IV: Yellow vs. White)

(Match V: White vs. Green)

(Match VI: Green vs. Yellow)

(Match VII: White vs. Green)

(Match VIII: Green vs. Yellow)

(Match IX: Yellow vs. White)