2nd Womens Hockey Showcase 2015, Bremen, March 19-22, 2015

Sport-Scholarships.com held its second annual Field Hockey Showcase in Bremen on March 19-23, 2015.

In comparison to last year, we started a day earlier because we added a coaching education component. On Thursday, we drove to Hamburg in order to watch the training session and speak with the coaches at the Uhlenhorst HC, one of the arguably best and most successful hockey clubs in Europe. On Friday, we received a great goalkeeping session presented by Heiko Milz, who also works with the German national teams. After his very interesting explanations on the field, he also took the time to sit down with us for an hour to answer questions. Thanks to Heiko's outgoing personality, this wasn't only educating but also a lot of fun. We received a lot of positive feedback and will probably add a coaching education component every other year now.

This year, 8 US coaches flew over to see 15 players for 2015 & 2016 on one weekend. We started with a trainings session on Saturday morning and scheduled a match against a 2nd Bundesliga team for Saturday afternoon. There was an info session with coaches, players and parents about college hockey and the US university system in the evening, which helped the athletes a lot to understand what is necessary to succeed in this area. On Sunday morning, we continued with some drills and many small-sided games so that the participating coaches could get a good look at the individual players. The coaches could then sit together with the high school seniors and their parents after the end of the showcase on Sunday afternoon. Several coaches took the opportunity to drive to Cologne after the showcase to watch the U21 Germany - England match others flew home on Monday morning.

We provided transportation to the airport, we housed everyone on the campus of the Jacobs University in Bremen and provided three meals a day to the coaches, either at the clubs and or at nice German restaurants. Aside from the recruiting aspect, it was a lot of fun to meet everyone (again)!

As in the previous year, we chose the players carefully, made sure that they had the necessary academic and athletic level in order to be successful college players and determined their NCAA eligibility prior to the event. This way, the coaches knew that it would be worth watching the student-athletes compete. Furthermore, the athletic part of the showcase was organized by head coach Martin Schultze, one of the most successful European field hockey coaches, a multiple Euro League winner of the recent years. He was supported by Jana Ebert, a former college player and coach, to make sure that the drills and matches were conducted in a professional way. Thanks again to Jana and Martin!

Please have a look at the videos from this showcase below and let us know when you've any questions. As you probably know, we're here to help with all aspects of the recruiting and admission process. The trailer will probabl

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